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BEING FREE [the full unbroken Awareness of the ONE SELF You Really Are] ‘and’ responsibilities ‘seems’ like a contradiction since the concept of being responsible is of the dream-world and has so many ‘have-to’ scenarios tied to so-called ‘proper and accepted’ forms of conduct [which are ever-changing and different from one culture to another]. These are ‘conditioning’ concepts and have ‘nothing’ to do with genuine Freedom.

Nevertheless, most who ‘cross the bridge into Freedom’ and still retain a physical body ‘are’ active in some way – often considerably. This could be presiding over an ‘ashram of devotees’ or heading up a giant multi-national corporation. It could also be as simple as raising a family. There are many of those who are and, hidden in plain sight’, who simply ‘hold the Light’ for the majority who still cling to the illusion of separation and thereby constantly and automatically generate chaos, confusion and conflict.

When one ‘is’ Free they are Empty of 'any’ personal identity, although most will retain the disguise of one in order to navigate within the dream-world. They are simply instruments ‘of’ the ONE SELF ‘as’ the ONE SELF and as such ‘DO’ what comes up in each moment … always oriented to service that leads to the full Awareness of Truth for ALL who still sleep. In this way they ‘are’ responsible to what is ’really’ needed in each moment … and that may often look very much ‘unlike’ what the false self would call responsible.

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

Self Discovery and Self Inquiry: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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