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When you ‘know’ the the world/universe and all in it is a dream … not just as a mental concept but as a definite Awareness … you are Free. Nevertheless, there is usually still much ‘conditioning’ still being carried and manifesting as a false self called ‘me’ - a person and this must dissolve before full Self Realization ‘as’ the SELF in an unbroken, seamless experience occurs.

If there is still a lot of conditioning ‘baggage’ it is normal to repeatedly be pulled back onto the stage of dreams, temporarily to engage in ‘triggering’ circumstances that capture and divert your Attention from Truth. Current world events for many, constitute a multitude of triggers for those who are sitting in the front rows of the Grand theater of illusions [but ‘off’ the stage]. For those who have experienced much dissolving of conditioning and now have only ‘echoes’ of the most pervasive attachments, expectations and identifications … getting pulled back onto the stage, even for a moment … is rare.

When one has only whispers of conditioning like a passing breeze wafting an ancient aroma past your fully subdued mind, being pulled back onto the stage does NOT occur. There may be a momentary ‘blip on the screen’ of dreams but it is quickly laughed away by the ‘all-pervasive’ radiance of the SELF You Are.

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