Freedom cannot be ‘had’ … to ‘have’ there must be someone to possess and that someone is the false self, who is NOT real and must ‘dissolve for Freedom to be ‘known’. What can be ‘had’ can be taken away and Freedom is ever-Present - IT is Who YOU ‘are’ [the ONE SELF]. Freedom is the ‘Awareness’ of the SELF YOU are ‘by’ the SELF.

It is common for the false self, when it begins to acquire a little spiritual ‘knowledge’ [not the same as Awareness, which it is incapable of] to begin ‘teaching’ and pontificating to others [there ‘are’ no others’]. This is the meaning of “the blind leading the blind”, which has been epidemic since the original ‘fall of consciousness’, and keeps the dog of ‘ignorance’ chasing its tail endlessly. The Free do not ‘preach’ … they ‘point’ to who you are NOT so that the Real YOU can be revealed by the desolation of illusions. More than anything the Free are simply an ‘example’ of Truth. One can ‘feel’ Peace, Joy and Love in their Presence without explanations.