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You are Free [Freedom] Now. You are the Self [God-SELF] Now. There is no ‘attaining or ‘becoming’ necessary [or possible] because Freedom is NOT missing.

-Consider your daily routine … simple or complex, as a veil.

-Then add whatever problems [so called] you have … large or small and add another veil.

-Then think of any health issues you may have and add another veil.

-Add to this your concerns about other people both supportive or combative and there is another veil.

-To this add your fears about the planet and another veil appears.

-Add your beliefs including religious or spiritual and another veil is added.

Together [with other issues] these veils are blinding you to Truth. Now imagine a matchstick with the word ‘detachment’ written on it. Light the match and use it to ignite each veil. This analogy is literally all that you require to see the ‘already existing’ Truth. It is not the issues or problems [which are dreams within the grand dream] that need to burn away … only your ‘attachment’ to them, which is represented by the veils.

This is how it is ‘to live IN the world [dream] but not OF the world’ – FREE. This is available to you NOW … not after lifetimes of practices and disciplines – but NOW.

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