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The ONE SELF [Freedom by any name], is always ONE and never ‘not’ ONE. IT has no parts, divisions, or separations of any kind. Yet, while the SELF dwells in the mind IT ‘can’ imagine all manner of levels, dimensions and ranges of good and bad all the way to so-called ‘evil’ or bliss. They all exist as concepts … thought into being and projected on the screen of consciousness. This is their only existence no matter how pervasive or persuasive their performance may be on the stage of dreams.

When the ONE SELF YOU ‘Are’ is finally sufficiently satiated with this Grand Dream, IT turns within … often going through many twists and turns [dreams within dreams], back to the full Awareness of IT SELF. There ‘is’ no place to go to, nothing to attain or qualify for … only the single focused return to IT SELF and the long night of shadows ends. This is INEVITABLE for all.

John Question and Answer – Online

“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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