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Freedom does NOT necessarily mean the dream circumstances change in which you are playing a now ‘Conscious’ part. However, when you Know Who You Really Are in full Awareness [Self Realization] your physical situation ‘will’ likely alter … probably before that state. Shifts will most likely have occurred such as a withdrawal from much of the world stage and the ‘noise’ of its endless drama/stories. Stillness and Silence will be a so-called ‘normal’ condition. ‘Saving’ the world and its multitude of dreamers will have faded from your attention, while most ‘activity’ will be minimal usually oriented around simplicity, which means just BEING … this means the essence ‘of’ and example ‘of’ Truth … often without the need to DO anything.

And yet, depending on ‘why’ you still retain a physical body, you ‘could’ find your day to day profile ‘very visible’ encompassing what the world would call successful living … this too would have its purpose but is never in any way related to a personal self who is somehow ‘special’ … that illusory entity has gone. Generally, your circumstances will be relatively secluded and perhaps very austere providing just the basics to sustain a physical existence, but the reverse is also possible.

If there were physical challenges the world calls illness, they may either disappear entirely or persist and even claim the body eventually … it matters not to the Free. This may be due to a residual momentum of transformed conditioning/karma remaining or there may be a purpose for it as an ‘example’ of some kind. The ramifications of the dream are of no consequence to the Free, only insofar as they serve the single purpose of revealing Truth to those who still slumber in the illusion of separation.

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