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The universe and all that happens ‘in’ it … is an illusion manifested from thought and born of the belief in separation. It is a projection on the screen of Consciousness in which the ONE SELF, which is Empty-Nothing-ness with infinite potential, can experience, taste, savor and ‘Know’ IT SELF. In this way it is NOT a mistake but a playground of endless possibilities that swing from the darkest dark to the Lightest light. Because it continually comes and goes, it is NOT real and yet when The SELF is fully Aware of IT SELF, this ‘illusion’ is realized ‘as’ an extension ‘of’ IT SELF and in this Awareness … indeed, it ‘is’ Real. This is a Divine Dichotomy only the Free can comprehend.

When the ONE SELF immerses IT SELF into this Grand Dream IT temporarily ‘forgets’ Who IT Really Is and in this way fully experiences IT SELF … like experiencing a movie before reading the book. IT experiences every tiny subtly ‘as if’ it is real and in this ‘separated’ consciousness rides an endless roller coaster of happiness and sorrow with the ‘suffering’ that these wild swings bring about.

The separation consciousness produces a bundle of ever-changing conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to the past and future thereby manifesting the illusion of time and space]. This bundle represents the ‘false self’ body-mind-identity most call ‘me’. In this way the ONE SELF ‘appears’ as many, trapped in a prison of limitation.

This temporary and highly constricted existence however, with this bundle of unique conditioning produces opportunity after opportunity to recognize this illusion and in this way ‘every’ situation, every circumstance … every HEART ACHE, is orchestrated ‘perfectly’ to bring the ONE SELF You Really Are – back Home to the full Awareness of ITs True nature.

The heart aches/heart breaks tend to the bend the knee of the false self’s arrogance surrendering it to a state of OPEN-ness [open hearted-ness] where the ‘still small voice’ of Truth can penetrate its minuscule world and steadily free the slumbering god within [ONE SELF].

When this process begins, one’s world often seems in a way ‘worse’ as an avalanche of conditioning rises to the surface of experience to be swept away [ideally through Self Inquiry - the direct route Home]. If one is vigilant, this can be a very fast route. When one is near the Awareness of IT SELF, knows the universe is a dream and has surrendered fully to IT SELF … the remaining conditioning is what may be referred to as ‘whispers’ and that one must listen carefully for any ‘trigger’ that exposes the remaining ‘blocks to the awareness of Love’s Presence’, as ACIM calls them.

The current dream phase is SHIFTING very quickly from the remaining influence of the collapsing patriarchal era into a neutral phase of Peace and Light and MANY such opportunities to be ‘triggered’ exist due to the enormous contrast of dark and Light that is occurring across the planet. Humanity as a whole is exhausted and feelings teeter on the razor’s edge of insanity encompassing deep sorrow, rage, debilitation on every level and hopelessness.

It is a profound window of opportunity to dissolve ALL remaining conditioning IF one is able to face every ‘trigger’ that emerges from this most challenging period of unrest. Of course, if one is ‘pulled’ into the fray in some way to ‘act’ [such as the non-compliance opportunities that are now arising] … then that is the action ‘in the moment’ to take. But usually, for the vigilant one who is consciously focused on Freedom – Silence is the preferred ‘non-action-action’, and in that state, the ONE SELF’s influence of Peace and Love will touch far more than words or deeds can possibly do to bring about the impending balance that IS rapidly coming to fruition.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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