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Threaded subtly between the shadowed weave of the world of illusions is the gold of genuine ‘devotion’ to Truth. This is often found amongst the corruption that lies at the root of every foundational pilon in the Grand Dream. Religion, politics, philanthropy, education, health care … to name just a few such institutions, have fallen prey to the inevitable play of opposites that defines the manifestation of the belief in separation. Fear drives the wheel of deceit … the hope of somehow releasing the lonely wandering giant from the persistent anxiety that plagues ‘all’ who call this world ‘reality’.

Nevertheless, and often ignorant of the underlying nefarious perpetrators that control most of the world-dream, there are many who are deeply and humbly surrendered to Truth and focus their consistent attention on uplifting others [there are no others] … and in the process, dive deeper into the Heart of Love where the SELF lies waiting.

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