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The Grand Dream, what most call ‘reality’ … in and of itself, is NOT an obstacle to the natural JOY YOU Are. It is a playground of infinite ‘contrasts’ in which the ONE SELF [the Real YOU] can know, taste and savor IT SELF.

In ITs natural state of Nothing-ness/Emptiness the ONE SELF’s infinite potential lies dormant and the Grand Dream is the stage upon which this potential can be experienced. The struggles emerge out of ‘attachment to’, ‘expectations of’ and ‘identifications with’ the constantly shifting illusions within the dream. This is the ‘conditioning’ that temporarily imprisons the ONE SELF YOU Are in the delusion of ‘personhood’ laden as it is with littleness and limitations.

By dissolving this conditioning [which is like clouds hiding the ever-Present sun], the Real YOU experiences the dream ‘devoid’ of these artificial shackles. This is the real meaning of ‘Living IN the world-dream - ‘not’ OF it’. This is genuine Freedom. For this the direct route home is Self Inquiry/Surrender.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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