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When one Awakens to Truth there is a ‘version’ of surrender that occurs. There are many, many layers to this Awakening and huge parts of humanity are Now experiencing these moments in ever increasing ‘waves’. The surrender that is occurring usually involves a kind of ‘sweet-shock’ that ripples across numberless beliefs about how the world shows up. Here, many arrive at a way-station [often for lifetimes] where they attempt to unravel the tangled jumble of conditioning that has projected that world into being and while they engage in that fruitless activity they also try to somehow improve and ‘fix’ the un-fixable illusion the world is.

Genuine ‘surrender’ has no - “except for this or that” attached. It is a complete, unconditional and NO MATTER WHAT surrender and when it has been made an enormous weight falls away. You have handed LIFE over to the SELF … the ONE You Really Are but still have not experienced. This means the tiniest experience is given to the SELF to orchestrate … not one single choice or decision is taken on your own … as the ‘your’ or ‘you’ in decision making is then dissolving [dying] very quickly. The remaining body-mind-identity or false self will rebel, often vehemently at the new directions that fly in the face of its logical, linear and practical ‘thinking’ system … but you will remain steadfast – the God-SELF has taken over.

Nothing you have ever experienced before prepares you for the desolation of the dream-world that is then occurring as ‘you’ watch the death of the ‘I’ thought-belief. This is ‘genuine surrender’ few have experienced as yet but Now beckons to many … just say YES to it, there is nothing to fear.

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