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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

-John McIntosh

There are no circumstances that can be ‘gotten rid of’. What manifests in the grand dream this world is, occurs due to ‘Attention, Passion & Activity’. Attention on bringing something about or getting rid of it is ‘still’ Attention and often the ‘passion’ [degree of manifesting Life-Force] is greater to get rid of something than to bring it into being, thereby solidifying its presence in your experience. This is why ‘fighting for Peace’ or to get rid of this or that disease actually EXPANDS the energy and outward manifestation of it. As obvious as this is … it is almost universally misunderstood.

The solution is simple … ‘withdraw’ Attention. However, one’s conditioning will continue to run the attention-program beneath the radar of Awareness with the same results. Always, the ultimate solution is the transformation of one’s conditioning, which is the very definition of one’s false self identity.

This is Self Discovery and occurs when one has been totally satiated with the swinging pendulum of drama within the grand dream most call reality.

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