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The Grand Dream is insidious … a paper-dragon when you really ‘get’ that the world/universe is just a dream but a fire-breathing-dragon when you don’t. As long as there is the ‘slightest hint’ that the dream has ‘any’ reality at all, the pathless-path Home to Truth will seem an almost endless journey requiring all manner of spiritual gymnastics to accomplish. World events, with all the tragic stories and dramas, the roller coaster of emotions, the numberless ills the flesh is susceptible to, the fear of death, the loneliness and the struggle to survive … will constantly ‘assault’ the body-mind-identity most call ‘me’.

This transient life ‘is’ only a ‘blink’, no more **real than the unconnected stream of night-time vignettes you dream. When the body is “shuffled off” another dream takes place many call the after-life. It is followed by another dream called reincarnation sculpted out of the accumulated and unique conditioning through countless other dream lifetimes.

Recognizing that anything that has a ‘date-stamp’ is a dream places your ‘Awareness’ on the fast-track ‘out-of’ the dream as illusions fall like autumn leaves. Soon you stand naked … so close to the ‘Awareness’ of the SELF, and with Attention riveted on this nothing-ness … you quickly ‘remember’ Who You Really Are.

**This is NOT a ‘denial’ that the dream is happening … it is, and this in itself is a ‘kind of reality’. This is a Divine Dichotomy that can only be understood in the Awareness of the SELF.


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