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There is a global ‘birthing’ going on. It is an ‘awakening to’ the ‘wizard behind the curtain’. This is the manipulator of world events … some events that can be scarcely believed. This birthing is a very prevalent experience in the moment for the greater part of humanity. However, very few as yet realize that this wizard is actually ‘reading the script’ that each one’s own unique conditioning wrote … that their world ‘is’ an ‘exact mirror’ of who they believe they are [mostly UN-consciously].

Nevertheless, due to the escalating drama of current world circumstances many are now beginning to grasp this and are starting to investigate how it came about. This is the ‘birth’ of a massive turn within toward Truth … toward what is Real. It means a full stop to finger-pointing and the search for perpetrators ‘out there’ and the growing awareness that the wizard of ALL the conflict and chaos that shows up in their unique world is in fact … themselves.

Once that is realized … one is getting close to the Awareness that its ALL  a dream and there is something much greater ‘before’ that. Such is the nature of the Great SHIFT that is taking place.


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