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There is much written and spoken about what God has ‘given’ and ‘done’ for you and how IT is ‘in’ you … but very little is about this ‘you’ called ‘me’ that is having a so-called relationship with God … unless it refers to this ‘me’ as ‘less-than’, limited and inferior in every way. The same rhetoric mentions the ‘soul’, the ‘higher self’ and all manner of ‘lofty beings’ both terrestrial and ephemeral. All this casually accepted talk ‘promotes’ the belief in separation and projects the ‘good’ it suggests - out into the future where it does NOT exist.

There is only ONE SELF and YOU are IT. Everything and every activity that is experienced is a projection on the screen of Consciousness [another name for the SELF]. YOU ‘are’ the ONE SELF and ITs [temporary] projections and yet still ONE. Any language used to speak of YOU, the ONE SELF as ‘other’ is a trap to keep your Awareness divided from and subservient to the ONE SELF Who ‘is’ Freedom IT SELF … Who is YOU.

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