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It is common in spiritual communities [of any kind] to say that God [by any name] … ‘does’ this or that. Most of these references suggest that this God ‘takes sides’ and mediates between so-called good and bad [or evil]. It is usually a judging, condemning and punishing God that intervenes for one side or another … most feel it is ‘their’ side.

These references are associated with a world/universe based on separation … that is, everything is separate from everything else with some beliefs saying that all is ONE in the sense of being ‘connected’ separated pieces in a giant puzzle. However, there IS only ONE SELF ‘appearing’ as many, and YOU Are IT [for most, in a state of forgetfulness of this basic Reality]. There ‘are’ no sides to take since ONE has no ‘parts’ or divisions. There is only the ever-Present shining Truth, which is Empty/Nothing-ness with infinite potential and that potential ‘plays out’ in the dream the world/universe is.

In this dream this God entity seems to DO [according to one’s beliefs] … but the ONE SELF experiences this play-movie-dream ‘of’ ITs infinite potential without any interference whatsoever. IT simply IS.

The contrasts that occur ‘in’ the dream are due to the separation belief and that belief produces conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] ‘with’ the dream manifestations. Returning to the full Awareness of the Nothing-ness YOU Are restores the unbroken experience of the Perfection YOU have always been.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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