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The concept of separation exists only in the Grand Dream, which manifests ‘as a direct result’ of this belief. God or Consciousness is ONE SELF … indivisible and all ideas and beliefs about ‘opposites’, such as good and evil, are ‘unknown’ to ONE-ness Awareness. The SELF observes the dream and as a result witnesses the illusion of separation and opposites with all the conflict, chaos and confusion they engender, but IT ‘knows’ these as illusions … NOT Real. IT [the Real You] ‘feels’ compassion for the slumbering ‘deluded’ aspects of IT SELF but gives these illusions no ‘Life’ through what the false self [mind] calls emotions such as judgment, which ‘expands’ the very conditions it condemns.

At the very least this is outrageous to the false-self-body-mind-identity. Nevertheless, Freedom does not arise ‘through conflict’ but through the total desolation ‘of’ the illusion and this occurs through the removal of the blocks [conditioning] to the Love You Are.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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