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GOD ... 'IN' YOU?


What does “God in you” mean?

Most believe they are a body-mind-identity called a person and begin looking for a location within this fiction for some ‘separate’ God. The head, the heart, the so-called heart chakra and the right side of the chest are the most favored locations for God to reside. However, God resides ‘no where’ since ‘infinity’ could NOT be infinite if an actual ‘place’ existed for IT. Time and space [and the resulting locations] are extensions of the illusion of the belief in separation and do NOT exist in reality … only within the Grand Dream, which includes the universe/world and the person most call ‘me’.

Imagine God as a sphere … then delete the defining ‘line’ or boundary around IT. Next, see this sphere as an infinite blank screen, on which this Grand Dream is projected. Everything projected is an illusion … however, the projection ‘is’ emanating from the infinite ONE and is therefore also ‘IT’. There ‘is’ nothing but this ONE, which may also be called the SELF or the Real YOU. So, when you say: “God ‘in’ you” it means the God YOU Are manifested within IT SELF.

If you can glimpse, even for a moment, the magnitude of this Truth, the tiny image of you as a ‘person’ will never be accepted in the same way ever again.

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