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God is NOT ‘within’ you. God [the ONE Reality by any name] ‘cannot be contained’ being Infinite and … there ‘is’ no ‘you’ as an individual person - ‘YOU’ … ARE GOD.

The ‘you’ most call themselves is a fiction made up of attachments, expectations, identifications, memory and imagination and changes from moment to moment. This ‘you’ at age 5 is totally different from ‘you’ at 35. Truth is eternal and never changing. That which most call reality, which includes your immediate surroundings, your ‘unique’ world and the universe that ‘seems’ to be somewhere ‘out there’ is totally dependent on this illusory ‘you’ and does NOT exist ‘without’ you. All of it is a dream ‘within’ YOU.

It is common to hear of the Divine Presence being somehow ‘enveloped’ within this ‘made-up’ body-mind-identity called ‘you’, but this is part of the false self’s subtle trickery to keep you trapped in the dream of separation. There are a multitude of ‘tiny’ phrases and concepts that ‘sculpt’ the conditioning which binds you with paper chains that seem unbreakable. ‘God within you’, ‘the spark of God within’, ‘surrounded in Light’ and the concept of ‘self improvement or self empowerment’ are just a few. None of these is Real despite the widespread popularity of them.

ONE or Pure Conscious Awareness [Who You Really Are] cannot be ‘circumscribed’. Everything that ‘seems to be’ is ‘contained within’ IT. IT is Emptiness – Nothing-ness as well as All That Is. To say that your unique world is ‘within YOU’ [as the God-SELF] is as accurate as is possible. This offers a more precise setting ‘from which’ to observe the grand dream that you have known as reality for eons and ‘in which’ you may continue to PLAY in, Free of the binding illusion that you are an individual person with some sort of God ‘outside’.

This giant LEAP in Awareness is available to you in this very Moment.

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