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The God You Are [SELF] is ONE and knows NOTHING of ‘opposites’. If ONE ‘knew’ about opposites IT would be expressing ‘many’ as ITs Reality and would no longer be ONE. It is true that ONE ‘as’ Consciousness is a blank and empty screen ‘on which’ a dream is being projected as an illusion called the universe, and in that dream the concept of separation prevails and manifests a multitude of divisions that ‘do’ seem to have extremes called good and evil … but, its still a ‘just a DREAM’ - NOT real.

It is this ‘God taking sides’ thinking that keeps the slumbering God-SELF trapped in an endless battle with this good and evil illusion, trying to ‘fix’ what cannot be fixed because division is the natural outcome of the belief in separation. Without this division there would NOT be a universal dream since a ‘from here to there’ phenomena cannot exist ‘without’ the illusion of time and space. At best the opposites within the dream can be ‘balanced’ for a short phase, as is just now becoming our solar system’s experience for about 2,000 clock [dream] years.

Certainly, if you are ’pulled’ to become involved in this ‘balancing’ expression and it is Joyful to you, then ‘that’, for now, is where your destiny lies. But, clinging to the illusion that the God [SELF] You Really Are ‘takes sides’ will most definitely bring you back into another and another and another lifetime [also dreams].

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