God’s will is referred to in any number of life experiences: “It was God’s will that brought such in such about.” This supposes that there is some lofty, ‘separate’ superior Being known as God [or by any other cultural name], that dictates circumstances in worldly affairs. This is a delusion. YOU Are God or the SELF. There ‘is’ nothing else and YOUR ‘only’ will ‘as’ God is that the sleeping aspect of the SELF You Are remembers Who IT Really Is.

The circumstances of the Grand Dream ‘are all’ dreams and entirely made up by the ‘same conditioning’ that made up the dream body-mind-identity you currently identify with as an individual person called ‘me’. Everything that so called ‘happens’ does so from the parameters of the collective conditioning of all the dream fragments of the SELF. The God You Are does NOT pontificate from on high. It does NOT judge or condemn IT SELF … IT simply Loves IT SELF back into the Realization ‘of’ IT SELF.