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It is ‘very’ common, especially when emotions run high and justice is called for from the mountain tops, to hear people say: “God is on our side”, or “its a battle between good and evil”. These passionate sentiments are being thrown around constantly now as humanity and the planet move quickly into the Age of Light and Peace - again. The cyclic patterns of prevalent masculine or prevalent feminine influence, divided by intervals of balance, have been occurring since the universal dream came into being.

To the false self identity, whose very existence is based on the belief in ‘separation’, these ‘shifts between one influence and the other seem to be a battle between light and darkness. And yet, it is simply the ‘imbalanced phase’ when one influence predominates the other that gives the appearance of good and an evil in conflict, with whichever one is exerting control deemed to be the evil one.

The SELF [God, Consciousness, ONE] knows nothing of separation which plays out within the projected dream on the screen of Consciousness as the illusion it is. ONE cannot be evil ‘or’ good … IT is Perfect and plays IN the dream without being OF it unless [an aspect called the slumbering God-SELF] ‘identifies-with’ the dream. Then the illusion of God taking sides ‘seems’ to make sense. Such is the nature of dreams.

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