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As the world and humanity slip deeper and deeper into an age of Peace and Light, the previous era, a patriarchy, collapses along with the remnants of its extreme dysfunction that currently pervades what most call ‘reality’. Recently, it has become commonplace to read and hear many speak of the triumph of good over bad, or evil as some prefer. This is the understanding of the mind, which lives in the illusory world of ‘opposites’ based on its inherent belief in ‘separation’.

The world-universe is a constantly changing and temporary projected manifestation that ‘requires’ these opposites in order ‘to’ manifest. There must be a ‘from here to there’ phenomena in order for worlds and all that is in them to ‘appear’ to exist. This gives rise to the equally illusory concept of time and space. Opposites then give rise to a swinging pendulum of so-called good and bad and the inevitable roller coaster of happiness and sorrow that emanates from these delusions. As one era ends and is replaced by another it ‘seems’ that either good or bad has conquered its opposite. Some even say as we make this deeper dive into a Peace and Light era that ‘God wins’, and now only good will prevail. If that was the case the ‘projected dream’ that the universe is … would instantly end.

What ‘is’ about to unfold in ways that no one will fail to recognize is a ‘relative balance’ between the opposites that will ‘seem’ to the mind to be ‘peace’. However, the illusion of separation will continue to produce infinite opposites … just more subtle … in most cases. For those who make the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free, it will NOT be subtle since the maelstrom of conditioning that arises from the separated mind is free to ‘rage’ as it exposes who one is NOT so that the Truth may be revealed. This New environment [dream] however ‘will’ make it easier to embrace this required last step into the full remembrance of Who YOU Really Are – the ONE SELF.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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