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Grace is ‘Love in Action’. IT so transcends any human concept of love as to have very little resemblance to it. Human love, the so-called love of the false self, is ‘made out of conditioning’ itself. Every act thought or word of love is therefore tainted ‘by’ that conditioning regardless of the many proclamations about unconditional Love. The Love ‘of’ Grace often shows up in what the world refers to as the miraculous. But miracles are ‘normal’ expressions of Genuine Unconditioned Love, and therefore lose all ‘special-ness’ in that Truth.

When you surrender to Grace, another way of surrendering to Truth or the ONE SELF You Are, Life begins to be a steady stream of miracles. The things that were struggled for either fall away completely as no longer relevant or, if they are for your highest good, show up effortlessly. Fear not, Grace is always with you when you surrender to the Love You Are and provides for every need in ways the mind cannot conceive of.


“THE GRAND DREAM” -You Have Been Dreaming, Its Time to Wake Up

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