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Navigating within the world dream ‘does’ require some very basic ‘doing’. In order to feed yourself food it has to be prepared and you do have to lift the fork to your mouth. The body’s own intelligence takes care of an untold number of activities after that much like the ‘same intelligence’ brings the food ‘to’ you. The mind [false self] will tell you that ‘it’ is responsible for most of what happens [or doesn’t] in your life experience and provide you with an endless list of agendas, goals, targets and have-to’s in order for it to succeed in ‘providing’ for your needs, and this is accepted as normal by most of humanity … but it is NOT Truth.

LIFE takes care of LIFE ‘if’ the mind is kept out of everything except its ‘real’ job as an ‘operating system’ [a servant rather than an identity] through which this ‘intelligence’ can do what it is designed to do. Grace ‘is’ this intelligence or ‘Love in Action’. It is the Real ‘do-er’ in ALL Real-Life expressions including the simple ‘action’ of feeding yourself.

Allowing Grace to orchestrate ALL your Life expressions occurs naturally when you ‘surrender’ to Truth, trusting that IT knows what is Perfect for your every ‘Moment’. This is relinquishing all CONTROL, which in and of itself … ‘is’ and ‘has always been’ an illusion. You have never had control of anything. The simplest way to cooperate with Grace is to say YES to ‘What is’ in Gratitude. No matter HOW this shows up or what it may seem like to the mind … go with it – Grace KNOWS. The Real YOU ‘is’ Grace.


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