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The one most call ‘me’ [the body-mind-identity] is NOT who you ‘are’. It is a fabrication that emanates from the belief in separation – a ‘from-here-to-there’ phenomena of infinite ‘parts’. As such, there naturally appears to be a hierarchy of ‘levels’ from dark to light … of bad to good and each so-called individual ‘me’ sees itself as existing on one of the rungs of this endless ladder with – in most cases – some kind of [separate] God-head [by whatever name] sitting at the top.

This fiction is the ‘norm’ for most of humanity and as a result there is, at the very least, a subtle focus on ‘being more’ … ‘being better’ … ‘growing toward the Light’ as many see it. A myriad of ways and means from religion to self improvement offer ‘stair-steps’ to bring about this so-called ‘evolution’ into a better ‘me’. Some call this Ascension, while others call it Self Realization. However, there ‘is’ no one to ascend or become realized and so … no one has ever ‘done’ it.

There is only ONE … the SELF, in which all that seems to be ‘appears’ and dissolves back into nothing-ness. YOU ARE ‘IT’ and have simply forgotten this ‘only’ Truth. YOU ‘as’ YOU cannot evolve because there ‘are’ no levels in the PERFECTION that is YOU. YOU simply remember or become Aware ‘again’ of YOU [SELF]. This occurs when the clouds of conditioning that obscure YOU from YOU – dissolve.

For this Self Inquiry/Surrender is the direct route.

Self Discovery and Self Inquiry: A Handbook for the Pathless-Path to Freedom

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