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Guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness are the cornerstones of the underlying conditioning that ‘makes-up’ the false-self-body-mind-identity [person]. They have no ‘real’ existence but ‘seem’ to exert so much influence as to manifest what appears to be an entire dream reality. The SELF [the Real YOU] ‘is’ the only Reality and knows nothing of these ephemeral gremlins that scratch and bite at the edges of every experience, usually simmering beneath the radar of consciousness then erupting into blazing fires when some dramatic story-line exposes these suppressed programs … the ‘wizard behind the curtain’ of the false self’s chaotic and confusing existence.

When confronted through the simple direct route to Freedom – Self Inquiry, these paper dragons dissolve quickly. The simple question: “Who is it that feels guilty about this or that” … then answered with: “me” and followed by “Who am I" … shines the fiery Light of Truth on the ‘pretender’ manifested by conditioning, causing it to withdraw back into the SELF from which it sprang. No psychoanalysis or elaborate figuring-out process is necessary … just this simple and relentless ‘Who am I’ inquiry transforms what is NOT real back into emptiness, revealing the Real YOU to YOU.


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