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Arriving at ‘had enough’ is the single greatest moment in the existence of the slumbering God-SELF in the grand dream. It is the moment when something within you realizes that you just can’t live the way you have been living any longer. There are many ‘mini-moments’ of this sort that have specifically to do with any of a multitude of aspects of the grand dream from weight loss [or gain], abusive relationships, unworthiness issues, to taking charge of your life in some way and many, many more.

All of these are simply shifting the deck chairs around on the Titanic hoping the ship won’t sink … they do not salve the ache that cannot be defined by the mind and is always there like a long forgotten message to yourself that echoes time and again ‘within’, trying to get your undivided attention. ‘Fed up’ IS the moment when the echo shouts out its message of Freedom – “There is a better way!” … and you really hear it and make the NO MATTER WHAT choice to be Free.

From this unequivocal line in the sand attention turns slowly ‘or’ quickly from ‘out there’ to ‘inside’ where genuine answers reside … where the loud cacophony of the world of chaos and conflict is replaced with silence, stillness, nothing-ness and emptiness and eventually Freedom. Welcome the ‘extreme frustration’ of the world of dreams … it is the ‘always open door’ out of the illusion of separation – HOME to your SELF.

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