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The false self [body-mind-identity most call ‘me’], loves to analyze the world-dream and describe how it works in an attempt to validate its illusory existence. It revels in the prospect of undiscovered and unexplored vistas. These intense, often life-long endeavors, distract it from the ‘inner-focus’ where the Truth is discovered in all its ‘unexplainable simplicity’. The seductions of the Grand Dream are endless, offering limitless opportunities to bury one’s head in the sands of illusion.

No one escapes the insidious trap of temporary things and experiences that divert attention away from the unquenchable frustration that is ‘required’ to turn permanently within. You will KNOW beyond doubt when you have ‘had enough’ of dreaming as the Divine Discontent tugs relentlessly at your Heart, beckoning you to return to Who You Really Are and the indescribable ‘Joy’ of that Awareness.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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