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Harmony in the Grand Dream - [not Real Peace], occurs when the opposites of feminine and masculine that result from the belief in separation, become relatively balanced. This is what is NOW happening as our solar system, planet and humanity SHIFTS into an age of Peace and Light. Since the universe is a unique dream manifested ‘within’ each one’s [there is only ONE] unique experience [the result of their unique conditioning], the ‘harmony or peace’ that is now quickly evolving, is ‘also’ - a dream. This is often referred to as ‘a happy dream’ - ACIM.

The ‘friction’ that arises and ‘spikes’ at the finish of a phase such as the dysfunctional Divine Masculine era that has now ended, reduces significantly in an era of Peace and Light. With less friction, there is less suffering, which in dysfunctional eras is the ‘prime influence’ that turns ‘attention’ inward toward Truth. It is therefore the ‘expansion’ of Light within these Peace and Light phases that ‘inspires’ the required ‘Surrender’ for the still slumbering God-SELF to become ‘aware’ of Who IT Really Is. This is the influence which is now increasing, despite the ‘still present appearance’ of extreme conflict that is normal when a dysfunctional phase ends.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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