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The false self cannot ‘have’ anything that is real. The illusion of ‘having’  occurs only within a dream manifested ‘from’ its conditioning. Masquerading as who you refer to as ‘me’, it seems to ‘have’ all manner of things and experiences with little bits of paper confirming ownership and status. But dreams are ‘wisps’ of thought, ever-changing … all with a date stamp in the delusion of time, space and separation.

Religion and many spiritual beliefs proclaim that this false self ‘has’ something called a ‘soul’ that can be ‘lost’ if certain rules are not adhered to. All of these ‘ownership’ concepts deepen the belief in separation binding one ever more tightly to the Grand Dream and the limitations that engender the illusion of a separate identity.

The SELF ‘is’ the only Reality - Who You Really Are. IT/YOU does NOT ‘have’ anything nor can you ‘lose’ Who You Are. You are ‘never not’ the SELF but as you cling to ideas of person-hood, attachments, expectations and identities, whether it be a house, a degree a bank account or a higher self or a soul … you foster the existence of an endlessly repeating dream of separation.

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