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Updated: Feb 13, 2019


This is another notion fostered by the false self’s belief that everything is separate. EVERYTHING that occurs in one’s life experience while they sleep to Truth is orchestrated to bring you Home to Conscious Awareness … the ONE God You Are. If a seemingly incredible ‘someone’ shows up in your experience … they are part of that ‘return Home’. ‘ALL’ relationships, from deeply toxic to profoundly beautiful and harmonic ‘are’ mirrors for what conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] is ready to be transformed.

The deeply dysfunctional relationships contain many opportunities to look within and ‘feel’ one’s conditioning much more than a so called ‘made-in-heaven’ relationship. When one experiences these heavily flawed relationships its usually because they are ‘ready’ to transform conditioning on a grand scale … despite the often brutal appearances. With just a tiny turn ‘inward’ this can be recognized as the blessing it is. All illusions about perpetrators and victims dissolve in this Real ‘seeing’ and Home’s brilliant Light can often be glimpsed in all its exquisite Beauty.

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