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So-called ‘healing’ … is of what? The body? The mind? The body-mind is a made-up entity fabricated from one’s collective conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory and imagination]. It and the world/universe that seems to exist are produced ‘from’ this conditioning and are no more real than a flickering image on a movie screen. So, what is it that appears to be ‘ill’?

Harmony and the unbroken balance it ‘is’ exists naturally when conditioning does NOT. The manifestation of disease ‘is’ conditioning that has reached a peak of dysfunction and has rippled out into the body reflecting this as some form of disease or sickness. Should one who is displaying some form of disease, even from birth, come into the proximity of the Light of the SELF … through another or through a personal ‘revelation’ and ‘if’ they are ready, the manifested appearance of the disease may disappear instantly and totally or over a brief period. However, if the conditioning which ‘formed’ the disease ‘continues’ [that which was perpetuating the conditioning - thought and behaviour] … then the illness or some other manifested dysfunction will either not disappear or if it does … eventually show up again in some way.

It is also possible that the sickness may continue despite the so-called healing due to the momentum of the conditioning, just like a car will coast to a stop after the foot has been taken off the accelerator ‘if’ the brakes are not applied. Even if one has Realized the SELF, this momentum may still be present, and the illness continue to appear in the body despite the Free state that that one is then experiencing. Healing then, occurs [or may NOT appear to occur] because the conditioning ‘causing’ the outward appearance of dysfunction … has been transformed. The illusion that is the body-mind is only a reflection of what is going on beneath the surface.

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