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The mind is the child of thought, which in turn emanates from the belief in separation. This is the so-called ‘god’ that manifested the universe and all that appears within it [the ONE SELF is ‘before’ this]. It is a projection like a movie … a dream. As such when the mind is focused [attention] persistently on anything [intention] combined with passion … whatever is focused upon WILL manifest. In this regard healing illnesses … ‘so-called’, with the mind ‘is’ NORMAL.

Why then, if this Intention on healing with persistent Attention and Passion is present, does healing not always occur?

As always it is one’s conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications tied to memory (past) and imagination (future)] that ‘taints’ the procedure [remember this is a dream within a dream]. If for example, one’s conditioning was laden with ‘unworthiness’ [the most prevalent conditioning for all], then the attempt to heal will either be reduced or neutralized altogether. The same would be the case for one who mentally manifested huge abundance but does NOT enjoy it due to deep shame and/or guilt conditioning. The remedy, again as always, is the complete desolation of one’s conditioning.

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