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“That which you seek – YOU already Are” … is a common spiritual phrase, and yet most then go on with their search ‘for’ IT – WHY?

Until the Real YOU is fully AWARE [again] of IT SELF, everything it speaks of is at most a ‘belief’ that the slumbering God-SELF [ONE SELF counterpart] has ‘faith’ in and ‘trusts’. But beliefs, faith and trust still engender some degree of doubt and are NOT the same as KNOWING. As a result, the Truth that ‘YOU already Are the SELF you seek’ is just a belief. If it were a KNOWING, there would be no ‘search’.

The ’doubt’ that exists is a product of the conditioning that remains as clouds that ‘seem’ to hide the ONE SELF YOU Are. This is why ultimately conditioning ‘must’ be dissolved. This process is NOT a ‘seeking out there’ but a ‘revealing’ right where you find yourself. It requires no special rituals, practices, costumes, disguises, mantras, visualizations, diets, chants or mantras … nothing. The simplicity of Self Inquiry/Surrender WILL dissolve ALL conditioning when you are ‘ready’ to be Free ‘here and now’.

YOU ARE GOD: It's Time To Shine

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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