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Whatever the body ‘does’ … occurs according to its conditioning/karma, out of which it is made [projected on the screen of consciousness]. However, YOU are ‘not’ the body … it is simply a vehicle for navigating the Grand Dream. Whatever ‘it’ may seem to do – grand or humble, matters not. A fully Awakened aspect of the ‘one’ SELF may be hidden to humanity in the simplest activity and may live out that body’s existence in total ‘Silence’. ITs influence in that case is simply ITs radiance and requires no ‘words’ to touch those who are ready to turn within.

Another version of a fully Awakened aspect of the SELF may be ‘hidden’ in plain sight … in Royalty or a captain of industry for example. It may never speak ‘overtly’ of spiritual things and yet ITs influence is felt. This influence may well touch widely into world circumstances and be viewed as so called ‘good works’ … but ITs unseen influence on Hearts that are ‘open’ is always ITs primary focus.

The world stage is NOT the concern of the SELF. IT knows whatever those circumstances may be are perfect for the Awakening of the collective Consciousness in the moment.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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