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On January 22nd, 2022, THICH NHAT HANH departed the body he had worn for 95 years. This is how many spiritually oriented people will view this occurrence. Many will add: “Rest in Peace” as if he was ‘not’ in Peace before … and even then, this falls well short of what actually happened.

2000 years ago our beautiful Brother said:

“Of myself I am nothing [meaning the person which He knew to be an illusion], it is the ‘father/mother’ [meaning the Christ or Cosmic Consciousness – that He (and ALL) ‘are’] that does the work”.

THICH NHAT HANH knew and ‘lived’ this … but that does not make him different from ‘you’ … the Real YOU … it simply makes him ‘fully’ AWARE of Who He/All ‘are’ – the ONE SELF. In this regard, He – as with all who remembered fully Who They Are, became a ‘Shining example’ of this single Truth … that there ‘is’ only ONE disguised as many.

He is not ‘resting in Peace’ as if that is some kind of reward for his years of devotion and service – HE ‘is’ PEACE IT SELF – [a vast difference] another name for the ONE SELF He and YOU and All ‘are’. What one can ‘get’ and ‘have’ can be taken away and is therefore NOT real. What one ‘is’, is Eternal … YOU are no different … you have just forgotten.

THICH NHAT HANH has ‘gone’ nowhere since ONE is always ‘everywhere’ … ‘hidden in plain sight’ … and yet nowhere since all that seems to be is a dream. That which has a beginning, and an ending is NOT real. Nevertheless, He is nearer to YOU now than ever before and his beautiful example and influence will be fully FELT during the Great SHIFT into an era of Peace and Light that is now unfolding rapidly across the planet.

-image by Solveig Larsen

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