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Humanity is now deeply immersed in the Transformation of Consciousness back to the Awareness of Truth or Freedom ... who they Really ‘are’. The searchlight of Truth has greatly expanded for about 100 years now but intensely in these last few years and that Light has exposed what lay hidden for thousands of years. At the root of these lurking specters lies guilt, shame, remorse and unworthiness manifested in limitless ways. Eyes used to blurry vision at first draw back from Light when sight is restored. For most of humanity this is what is now occurring. It has done this through distractions, sedations and running.

The obsession to bury one’s self in their cell phone, the wide use of alcohol and drugs, the frequency of changing partners, the tendency to work as many hours as one can stay awake are a few of the manifested ways people draw back from the Freedom of Truth now blazing around the planet and there are thousands of other ways to delay the inevitable dive into the Light. There is no right or wrong as you temporarily detour from your eventual Freedom. It is extremely painful to ‘stand in the fire of who you are NOT’ and so very few people have made this NO MATTER WHAT choice to face the Light full on and be Free NOW. However, the opportunity to embrace this possibility has never been greater – ever!

This exposed planetary dysfunction has increased chaos through worldwide conflict, but it is this very trauma that brings one to their knees where they will eventually make this Freedom choice. When they do, previously scattered attention then focuses on Truth and all delay mechanisms fall away naturally. This line in the sand beckons for many millions now as they approach this great Shift in Consciousness.

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