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God is ‘within’ YOU [ONE SELF} … NOT ‘in’ you [body-mind-identity (false self)]. YOU are ALL THAT IS – ONE SELF without name, definition or boundaries. God/Consciousness is a ‘made-up’ concept within the Nothing-ness of YOU.

When YOU play within the field of dreams YOU created to ‘know’ YOUR SELF, there must be ‘stage props’ like gods and angels, galaxies and planets, mountains, forests, animals, birds and fish … and human instruments [literally ‘avatars’] that YOU can use to navigate the great play of stories and dramas YOU use to experience, taste and savor ‘every possibility’ in the full swinging arc of an infinite pendulum.

Currently, the pendulum is in ‘high drama’ and with it comes the highest highs and the lowest lows – deep suffering and exquisite bliss … both illusions YOU use to experience everything. At some point YOU become satiated and return to the Emptiness of the ONE SELF. This cycle repeats endlessly as universes rise and fall.

YOU are ‘before’ ALL of this. YOU Are the ONE SELF.

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“THE AFTERMATH”: The SHIFT into an Era of Peace and Light

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