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The world-dream is moving quickly into a phase of ‘High Drama’ as the remnants of the dysfunctional patriarchy collapse fully. For the deep sleepers, anything which de-stabalizes the flow of experiences that are known … even the challenging bits, induces great discomfort and fear. The false self is addicted to its attachments, and this includes ‘knowing’ what outcomes to expect since this gives it a ‘twisted’ sense of security. Forecasting events is a major part of its fragile security blanket.

For those who are ‘OPEN’, a gradual increase in the release of ‘control’ accompanies their Awareness that embracing the ‘Unknown’ is an aspect of letting ‘attachments’ go. When one is EMPTY – ‘ALL’ attachments, expectations and identifications are gone and even the ‘concept’ of security has no meaning, since fear [other than the basic survival instinct] is GONE!.

To the extent that you can – ‘embrace’ the ‘temporary’ High Drama now unfolding and know that what lies now only ‘slightly beneath’, it is the Happy Dream of the New era of Peace and Light.

BOOKS by John McIntosh

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