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Who is it that has a ‘higher self’?

There ‘is’ nothing but the SELF. It could be called ONE, I AM, God or what you will but there ‘is only’ IT. The universe and everything in it, is a projection on the blank screen of the SELF [Consciousness]. This projection shifts and changes constantly and is NOT real … only the ‘experience’ of it ‘by’ the SELF is real.

The mind that speaks of lower and higher selves is the illusionary body-mind-identity [false self] most call ‘me’. It knows ‘nothing’ about Truth and everything it speaks about is part of the grand illusion or dream that the universe is. It is the non-being entity that speaks of different selves.

The SELF cannot be ‘ascended to’, ‘grown toward’, ‘qualified for’ or any other suggestion that IT is ‘not’ ever-Present as the ONE Reality.

What hides the SELF ‘from’ IT SELF is the ‘conditioning’ from which the false self is made up [attachments, expectations and identifications]. These are like clouds hiding the sun of Truth that seem very solid but are only a wisp ‘believed’ into a false existence through ATTENTION. If one pulls the power-plug to their laptop it will continue to function until the reserve power runs out. Likewise, if you withdraw your ATTENTION [life-force] from your conditioning [who you are NOT] the residual momentum of your consistent previous focus will retain the false self illusion temporarily but soon … it will fade and die. This loss of identity [false self] is the single greatest fear there is and is the main reason why there is continued focus ‘on’ it by most of humanity at the moment.

You [the false self] must die for the SELF [YOU] to wake up to IT SELF.

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