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Occasionally, during the last 3+ years of increased turmoil and chaos within the Grand Dream as it SHIFTS into another era of Peace, Light and Love, I have posted ‘articles’ on how the dream-narrative is ‘playing out’. As the SHIFT escalates toward a definitive change from dysfunction to relative peace [as the mind sees it] … many have felt an equal escalation in the anxiety and trepidation they are experiencing. This post offers a ‘clear’ reason [again as the mind sees it] … why - ALL IS WELL.

*Remember … this us outlining and updating a storyline in a dream*

The collapse of this patriarchal era is near and inevitable since these SHIFTS occur regularly within a 26,000 year cycle [in the illusion of clock time]. The players change but the story [the play of opposites] is the same for those who are still unaware of the ONE SELF They Really Are.

Recently there has been a growing number of dramatic actions taken by what is known as the Deep State [DS] … in its last-ditch ‘gasp’ to create a One World Order. For example:

-many train derailments, most containing toxic materials,

-huge fires being set in several countries, the most recent in Maui, Hawaii

-the so-called carbon-global warming-ID is being implemented in several countries,

-the CBDC seems to be expanding internationally … while

-the death jab continues to be promoted with many millions already dead and billions injured.

These concepts and many others were designed to kill then contain and control those few who survived the DS depopulation efforts into so-called ‘smart cities’ in the One World Order.

Be assured the global Alliance has all but completed their valiant efforts to squash these nefarious activities. Many ways and means have been and are being employed that will not be addressed here but the fundamental one is the SHIFT from ‘fiat’ currency [made-up money] to gold-backed currency [which has ‘real’ value]. This is now rolling out everywhere and despite the MSM [mainstream media’s] silence on this KEY component in the take down of the DS, many are now aware of this powerful SHIFT.

This means that the ability to ‘pay for’ any and all of the DS’s dark activities is and has dwindled almost to a halt. What is being witnessed is the residual momentum of a vehicle where the foot has been taken ‘off’ the accelerator as it winds down to a dead stop. Without the ‘resources’ [money] the DS cannot accomplish its aims. This is a simple but irrefutable and fundamental fact in any and all enterprises, large or small.

Therefore – HOLD ON – ALL IS WELL … and remember that this ‘is’ a dream within the slumbering ONE SELF YOU Really Are.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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