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Until you have ‘realized’ the SELF [the ONE Consciousness] and live only ‘as’ the SELF, you have only one Purpose and that ‘is’ … that Realization. You may be involved in various spiritual practices that ‘seem’ to elevate the planet, however the planet [and universe] is a ‘dream’ … as is the personal ‘me’ most believe they are.

Focusing on the dream keeps the dream in place as your reality according to how you perceive it to be and that perception is always unique according to your specific conditioning.

Focusing on the SELF reveals the Light IT is and this is ‘holding the Light’. This makes you an example ‘of’ the Light, which is NOT a ‘doing but a BEING-ness.

The dream is NOT the Truth and holding the Light ‘exposes’ this illusion.


HOW SUFFERING LEADS TO FREEDOM” - The Transition out of Deep Sleep to Liberation - by John McIntosh

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