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Everything is unfolding as it should. Imagine that you are an insect crawling along the threads of a giant tapestry … you may well consider it a tangled web of unending and unfathomable meaning in a wilderness of confusion. Yet witnessed from a distance [the Awareness of the SELF You Really Are], the tapestry of the world is a precise and accurate projection of the collective conditioning of Consciousness while slumbering in the dream of separation. Nothing is out of place as each fragment of delusion plays out, always leading its manifestor [YOU] ‘inward’ toward the ONE-ness IT ‘is’.

Consciousness [YOU] descends into this miasma … the forgetfulness of ITs True Nature, and like Alice in Wonderland, wanders in a maze of fantasies. Nevertheless, tethered to IT SELF as the ONE God IT ‘is’ [YOU Are], eventually the allure of this surreal existence ‘fades’ and IT plunges back into the Emptiness of the ONE Light IT ‘is’. Nothing went wrong … nothing ‘is’ wrong or out of place, the play of shadows is NOT a mistake and ultimately and with absolute certainty, every fragment [YOU] of IT SELF returns HOME.

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