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Hope is ‘of’ the mind [the false self] and speaks of ‘alternative possibilities’, which are NOT certain and as a result are in the realm of ‘doubt’. Belief and faith are also concepts related to doubt. However, there ‘is’ no doubt of any kind in the SELF. While the SELF slumbers in the illusion of ‘separation’ and the dream it manifests … faith, hope and belief are often called upon to somehow ‘improve’ experiences. This suggests that the dream is real.

Hope is also tied to the illusion of ‘creating one’s reality’ … a very popular concept in the equally illusory Self Improvement industry. The concept of individual body-mind-identities [persons] is a ‘fiction’ and therefore cannot be improved. Hope submits that you are NOT the SELF by suggesting that you are ‘less than’ Perfect. Nevertheless, the SELF is the Real YOU and is Perfection IT SELF, which cannot be improved. During times of extreme conflict and chaos many are engaged in hope and thereby tie themselves ‘to’ the circumstances [stories and dramas] of the dream they are experiencing making them ‘seem’ even more real.

Always, ‘surrender’ is the response to suffering and fear, which … ‘if’ held fast to, leads ‘inward’ to the SELF thereby directing attention ‘away’ from the dream world you have called reality for eons. What has no attention dissolves.

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