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Thought originates from the idea of separation … God [SELF] is ‘before’ that illusion. IT does not think as the false-self-identity ‘seems to’ think … IT simply ‘Knows’, as there is no linear [time and space based] analytical flow … everything is simply KNOWN in the Moment.

IT does not judge as does the false self, entangled as it is in a web of comparisons that are ever changing. IT Knows that beneath the conditioning [attachments, expectations and identifications] that make up the illusion of a separate-person-identity lies ITs slumbering God-SELF counterpart - who has no ‘traits’ of any kind … despite IT being in ‘essence’ the emanation of Beauty, Joy, Abundance, Peace, Love, Freedom and Truth.

IT does not condemn, knowing that the false self that perpetrates all manner of atrocities on ‘itself’ through the illusion of ‘others’ … does not really exist … ‘and’ has DONE nothing. A dream, like a movie - no matter how dark, did NOT happen.

IT does not take sides since ALL is ONE without distance or division. No matter what disguise IT wears IT is always interacting ‘with’ IT SELF. And whatever level of Awareness [or the lack of it] that exists in each disguise, does not influence the ‘unconditioned’ Love IT has for and ‘as’ IT SELF.

YOU ‘are’ this - the SELF [God].

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