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The world-universe that most call reality is a dream – an illusion that comes into one’s experience through the initial belief in separation, which in turn brings about a time and space ‘from-here-to-there’ phenomenon making manifestation possible. This belief is HOW the ONE SELF, which is Empty-Nothing-ness with infinite potential comes to KNOW that potential in a holographic projection … the world-universe dream.

From this belief arises thought and from that the mind. Everything that ‘seems’ to be happening is ‘within’ the ONE SELF and shows up as an infinity of ‘opposites’ brought about by the concept of separation. Reconciling these opposites is what the mind calls ‘fixing the world’. It is not possible since conflict [friction] is the natural outcome of the separation belief. However, it ‘is’ possible to bring about a relative ‘balance’ of opposites which the mind calls ‘peace’. It is NOT Peace, which is WHO YOU ARE.

When the thought/mind ‘plays’ in the field of dreams its attempt to ‘fix the world’ [its unique world dream], becomes conditioned [attachments, expectations and identifications] and this ‘colors’ its every thought, which in turn ‘manifests’ its own unique world ‘in every detail’. Anything and everything ‘is’ possible to manifest within this unique dream by ‘making-up’ new dreams that most call goals or targets or objectives. These concepts are projected into the existing dream, are colored as stated by one’s conditioning and bring about results that are precisely matched to these ‘ingredients’.

Eventually, the roller coaster ride of opposites [happiness and sorrow] satiates the mind [false self (body-mind-identity)] and a ‘turn-within’ occurs that eventually results in the death of the mind and personal identity [not necessarily the body] and the ONE SELF ‘returns’ to Self Awareness. This seems to take an enormous swath of time, but time is an illusion, and ALL occurs ‘at once’.

-image by Solveig Larsen

SELF DISCOVERY books by John McIntosh

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