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The SELF is another name for ONE or LOVE [unconditioned] and the unbroken ‘extension’ of LOVE to IT SELF comes about through a consistent ATTENTION ‘on’ LOVE.

If your Attention is full of fear, that fear registers in whatever you place your Attention upon, tainting the Purity of LOVE. Consistent worry about health, money, family or relationships for example, brings about the very conditions that you are worrying about. Attention on wholeness, abundance, harmonic families and relationships brings about those experiences. Nevertheless, whether the so-called positive or negative results manifest … they are ‘still’ aspects of the Grand Dream since they are part of the world of ‘opposites’ and the belief in ‘separation’.

It is ‘only’ when one’s focused Attention is placed on Freedom [SELF] that the REAL comes into their experience. The Real has no opposites and is ONE. What then manifests is the Perfect expression ‘of’ the SELF [Who You Really Are]. In this way one’s universe shows up ‘as’ LOVE/ONE through ITs infinite facets. You cannot have both the world of illusions/separation ‘and’ the world of Truth/ONE.


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