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Courage and Fearlessness

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

-John McIntosh

Courage is an expression of the false self despite being held in such high regard by most. The well-known phrase, “Have courage” reveals this since the false self always speaks about acquiring, having or losing, which is the common language of separation. It says, “I am incomplete. I need to ‘get’ this or that … him or her and then I will be whole.” 

The Real SELF radiates Being-ness, ONE-ness and Whole-ness. Being ‘fearless’ is ITs natural state since IT knows IT cannot be ‘threatened’ in any way. The grand dream is projected on ITs screen of Consciousness but has no affect whatsoever on the screen. It is only when you ‘as’ the screen, ‘identify’ with the projection that the concept of courage seems necessary and real.

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