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Fixing the World?

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

- John McIntosh

Fixing the world is a very common objective for the so called ‘Awakened’. But Awakening is NOT Freedom, it is the ‘Awareness’ that reality is NOT what you believed it was and that there is something called Freedom or Liberation ‘beyond’ the limitations that life has offered up until that moment. 

There are many ‘traps’ laid by the false self within the Awakened state to prevent you from full Liberation and ‘fixing the world’ is one of the most pervasive of these. What has usually NOT dawned on those who pursue this course of ‘service’ to humanity and the planet is that in order for the manifestation of the universe to occur the illusion of separation ‘must’ occur because that makes the dream of time and space possible. The belief in separation offers the God You Are the opportunity to ‘taste contrast’, but that also produces conflict, chaos and discord, which cannot be ‘fixed’ … only rearranged as different versions of separation. 

The only way the world ‘shifts’ in Conscious Awareness is for the SELF to be Realized as Who You Really Are. When this is your primary focus and occurs, the world is experienced in a totally different way as an expression of the Divinity You then ‘Know’ You Are. 

The most significant value of trying to ‘fix’ the world is to what extent it diverts one’s Attention ‘from’ the grand dream – inward ‘toward’ Truth. When filtered through the lens of JOY … if this resonates with you, then for now that ‘is’ where you are supposed to be. 

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