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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

-John McIntosh

Legacies are an attempt by the false self to continue its illusionary existence after the body has been ‘shuffled off’ by the Consciousness You Are. For some this constitutes an enormous part of their focused Attention, particularly if there is a lot of ‘guilt-conditioning’ present in their made-up identity. The value of a name, a reputation, a body of work, a financial estate or a celebrated concept are among the more obvious legacies.

These passions often supersede the desire even for personal comfort, security, power, wealth, fame and control that underpins most false self motivations. Even altruistic legacies such a so-called heroism or iconic representations of service to humanity hold within them a celebration of ‘individual person-hood’, which continues to foster the global belief in separation.

Anything that ‘swells’ the image of a separate self is a link in the chains worn by the slumbering God-SELF. As a result, ‘humility’ is a far greater aspect of Truth than the mind is capable of understanding since it dissolves the false image of ‘special-ness’ that an outstanding identity wears.

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